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Connoisseur Cocktail-Whiskey Smoker

Connoisseur Cocktail-Whiskey Smoker

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Add a unique flavor enhancement to any cocktail

A fun way to liven up your party, football game or any get together

Learn 100s of new cocktail recipes

Fits on all standard mixing & bar glasses

Bring home the fun of smoked cocktails from the finest bars and restaurants. Now you can enjoy that same savory flavor added by our handcrafted crafted smoker kits.

Our kits are designed to fit a large range of cocktail glasses to make it easier to incorporate into your home bar or kitchen. Treat yourself or give the perfect gift for that cocktail or whiskey lover in your family or friends.

Quality Craftsmanship: This cocktail smoking kit comes in a finely made wooden case you can give as a gift. The natural finish will enhance any bar setting. Wooden Case Dimensions 11" x 11" x 4" inches

Chic Chill's smoker kit includes superior quality tools you can use to make professional-tasting cocktails. Whiskey stones can help you serve chilled drinks without watering them down with ice, and the smoke top is fitted with a finely made steel mesh that will last you through hundreds of mixes.

This cocktail smoker makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Housewarming or Christmas!

Chic Chill Torched Cocktail Set Includes

* Handcrafted Wooden Case

* Whiskey Cooling Stones

* Small Cleaning Brush

* Stainless Steel Wood Chip Measuring Spoon

* Four Different Premium Aged Wood Chips Canisters with Oak, Cherrywood, Applewood and Hickory. Enough to make 500+ Cocktails.

* Culinary High-End Butane Torch

* Heavy Duty Metal Screen

* Wooden Cocktail Smoker

Our Culinary High-End Butane Torches are shipped to customers without Butane Gas included. Note: Federal law does not allow us to ship torches with combustible fuel. However, butane can be obtained at most any smoke shop, Target, or drug stores as well as hardware or general stores.
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