Keep Your Wine Perfectly Chilled

About Us

Chic Chill is inspired by the art of wine and created by wine lovers. As California natives, we've made a habit of visiting our favorite wineries in the Central Coast for decades, cherishing our time spent at the relaxed vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley. We decided to expand our palette by wine tasting in France, where we experienced the artform at its finest, from the skilled vintners of Chablis to the sommeliers of Burgundy.

There we discovered that the artistry of wine is not exclusive to just the winemaking process; it is reflected in every detail of the wine tasting ritual, as well. We especially noticed this attention to detail with the wines that were served chilled. From the variations of whites to rosés to champagnes, each glass we were poured was perfectly chilled, enhancing the notes and flavors of the wine.

We were inspired to bring this artistry back to USA so our friends and family could also experience wine this way. As frequent entertainers, we loved the idea of serving perfectly chilled wine all day and night in a way that was accessible to our guests. We began researching the methods for chilling wine bottles organically, but found ourselves disappointed with the options available on the market. Nothing truly captured the chicness of wine tasting in France combined with the laid back style of California.

That’s when we decided to create it ourselves. We began working closely with a specialized technical design team to develop an organic non-electrical cooling system, and sought out artisan metalworkers who could achieve a sleek, hammered finish by hand. The result is our Chic Chill, an effortlessly chic and convenient way to enjoy and serve perfectly chilled wine or champagne. Or simply remove the patented insert and use as an elegant ice bucket.